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    Friday Oct. 18th features:

    2018 Mollory & Benjamin Talmard Macon-Uchizy
    regular $18.99 wine club $16.99
    Bright straw color, clean and lively Chardonnay packed with freshly picked orchard fruits, white blossoms, creamy lees, lemon citrus, and a hit of cleansing minerality on the finish. Sustainable farming practices.

    2017 Domaine des Terres de Chatenay Macon–Peronne VV

    regular $19.99 wine club $17.99
    From a tiny producer in the Macon near the commune of Péronne, this is a classic white Burgundy made from 50 year plus old vines--light, with laser beam concentration of flavors. Tree fruits and raw honey, stony saline and hints of barrel spice add to the complexity. Organic farming

    2017 Trousse-Chemise Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon
    regular $19.99 wine club $17.99

    Burgundy-trained, winemaker Anne Sery crafts beautifully polished wines sourced from impeccable vineyards under her own label, Trousse-Chemise. This gorgeous Cabernet is from the Columbia Valley in Washington state. Full body, but with refreshing lift, the purity of the fruit comes through with ripe black currant, cassis and juicy blueberry fruits underscored with hints of dried herbs. Organic farming practices.

    Coming soon new retail website! We think it's time you can buy online...


  • Natural wine alert!

    Natural wine New Arrivals...



    Unico Zelo

    Frank Cornelissen

    Anders Frederik Steen

    Pax North Coast Syrah

    Matthieu Barret

    Fabien Jouves

    Thomas Jullien

    Porta del Vento

    M&C Lapierre

    Daniel Ramos

    Martha Stoumen

    and more....



    New Arrivals! Natural wine in larger format...

    2015 Niepoort Bairrada Nat Cool

    1 Litre now $18.99



    2018 Fabien Jouves A Table Rose now $36.99 1.5L


    2017 Matthiew Barret "Petiti Ours" Cotes-du-Rhone

    now $59.99 1.5L


    2016 Anders Frederik Steen "Let's Eat the world we want to live in"

    now $74.99 1.5L


    2015 Anders Frederik Steen "Don't throw plastic in the ocean please" now $76.99 1.5L




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    our wines are grown in SUSTAINABLE, ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC vineyards


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  • 435 rhode island st.

    five points. buffalo, ny, 14213
    4 blocks west from Richmond Ave. 
  • mission

    At paradise wine we stock an inventory of hand-selected wines, tasting each and every offering on our shelves. We are the everyday wine shop, with the majority of our wines in the under $20 price range. Our relationship with our customers is our first priority and we define our success by your satisfaction. Our continual goal is to find the wines that suit your specific palate.

    In addition to finding wines of character at great value, we also only buy wines that are farmed in adherence with sustainable or better, farming practices. For those who enjoy wines made with minimalist intervention, our inventory also features a vast selection of biodynamically farmed and natural wines, made with low or no added sulfur, indigenous yeast, and no filtration. In 2017, in the August 28th edition of Bon Appetit magazine, https://www.bonappetit.com/story/what-is-natural-wine

    we were featured alongside a handful of retailers in the US as one of the top shops for finding natural wines. While this recognition is much appreciated, our primarily purpose will always be finding wines that are standouts in their category. Located in the bustling Five Points area on Buffalo’s west side, we identify as a neighborhood shop and strive to be an integral part of improving our community.

    In summary, this is our mantra…

    • we believe in delicious and affordable wine and spirits.
    • we support small family wineries using traditional methods.
    • we rejoice in sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming.
    • you know what tastes good. we can’t wait to share our discoveries with you.

    "Someday we will look back on this dark era of agriculture and shake our heads. How could we have ever believed it was a good idea to grow our food with poisons?" --Jane Goodall

  • Bio's

    The tasting team


    aspiring to wine nerdom and co-partner

    Best friends with co-partner Lauren, Paula finally got the chance to "open her own damn shop" when Lauren found the perfect retail space in an abandoned building that was once a hardware store in the early 1900's. Paula's approach to wine is investigative--to find the best wine, healthiest grapes, and most talented winemakers and offer it up at affordable pricing. Traveling to wine events, meeting with winemakers, networking with local non-for profit businesses and collaborating with Buffalo chefs is at the core of how paradise wine weaves itself into the fabric of a city, of a neighborhood and beyond. It's all about making the customer smile and supporting clean farming.


    Cellar Master

    Joe Nason, connoisseur and caretaker of all things yeasted, began his career at Premier back in 2008. After six years of falling in love with the wine world and learning the ins & outs of the retail side of the industry, he departed Buffalo to follow his passion of winemaking, working his first harvest at Hall Wines in the Napa Valley. Between harvests he resided in Austin, Texas flexing his pastry skills at various restaurants around the city. Four domestic harvests later (Napa, the Willamette, the Finger Lakes, and the Niagara Escarpment), life brought him back to his native WNY, where he was picked up by Paradise Wine in October of 2017. Ever the intrepid biblical scholar, you can find him in the shop professing his subversive Good News that “Jesus drank Riesling.”


    legendary founder and co-partner

    There wouldn't be a paradise wine without this hurricane force of a woman. Self-made and on her own from the age of 18 when she high-tailed from Buffalo to New Orleans with her boyfriend to learn the ways of big cities. Lauren purchased the building, originally built in the late 1800's, in 2012 and began a total restoration. Full-time city realtor, Lauren's enthusiasm is famous for helping to build safe, walkable neighborhoods in the city peppered with fun, original shops like ours!

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